Cedars House of Grace

Confession of Healing and Health

I declare my body has been bought by GOD through the blood of JESUS. It does not belong to me, it is HIS. HE dwells in it, it is HIS house. HE has magnified HIMSELF as GOD through every cell in my body.

From the crown of my head right to the soles of my feet I am healed by the stripes of JESUS. I feel the presence of the SPIRIT OF GOD within me this moment, imparting the life and healing of CHRIST into every cell of my body.

I don’t just touch the hem of HIS garment, I am bone of HIS bone and flesh of HIS flesh, so I am perfectly whole. JESUS presents me daily to the Father in a state of total well being.

I release the healing power of JESUS into my body this moment as I forgive everyone and pronounce every person in my sphere of influence released and blessed. Every cell and organ in my body this moment expresses joy at the words I speak and are all revitalized.

I am strong, healthy and well. All my organs function perfectly. I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. My youth is daily renewed as the eagle’s with the words of Grace GOD puts on my lips. As I speak these words of life, the SPIRIT creates health in my body.

CHRIST my Passover, has been sacrificed so I speak to every substance of sickness, disease or death: you pass over me and every member of my family and my household in 2020.

I apply the blood to my life and that of every member of my family. I curse every operation of satan and all forms of witchcraft. I am free from manipulations, from the spirits of men in JESUS name. No member of my family eats of the fruit of sickness or death in 2020.

I consciously release myself from every prison house by the blood of JESUS. I am released from every intended ill, pronouncement or imagination in the heart of any person who feels grieved by my actions, words or situation.

I declare that I forgive all men of any wrongdoing towards me and I therefore, under GOD, declare myself free of any wrong doing.

No weapon formed or fashioned against me prospers and I condemn any word spoken against me and my destiny. I curse every appearance of sickness in my body.

Throughout this year the HOLY SPIRIT regulates my diet and food intake. HE sends health teachers my way to equip me with wisdom to eat right. I live a balanced and stress free life in 2020.